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For the past 28 years, East-West Seed Co. has achieved market leadership in the vegetable seed industry in Southeast Asia, combining the best technologies from the East and the West to create innovative varieties that benefit farmers.

On behalf of the entire East-West Seed family, thank you for being with us all these years. We share our every success with you.

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Boxing Icon Manny Paquiao (extreme right) and Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap (second from right) admires the large quality fruits of Mutya patola  grown in  Manny Paquiao’s farm in Malungon, Sarangani Province. Also in Photo are EW executives Dra. Mary Ann P. Sayoc, General Manager and Ric M. Reyes, Head, Product Management Group.

  East-West Seed Company won the coveted “Best Demo Farm” at the vegetable derby  held recently  in the 13-hectare farm of boxing icon Manny Pacquiao in Barangay Banahaw, Malungon, Sarangani Province.  The vegetable derby was the highlight of the recent Vegetable Congress that was participated in by major vegetable seed producers in the country.  All leading vegetable seed companies in the country  planted and showcased their best seed varieties for visitors to see and to judge for themselves which varieties excel under the growing conditions in the Pacman Farm.

  The East West Demo Farm displayed 24 new varieties about the most number of hybrid vegetables showcased. These included Diamante Max virus tolerant tomato, Galactica, a namamarako resistant hybrid bittergourd, Pipinito baby cucumber, Sultan and Emperor  sweet pepper, Mayumi upo,  Mutya Patola, Red Pinoy onion, Vulcan hot pepper, Barak snap beans ,Choy pakchoi and Macho and Sweet Grande sweet corn hybrids.  The Banate King eggplants impressed visitors with its outstanding yield performance and fruit quality highly preferred by  Mindanao market.

  The “Best  Vegetable Demo award” was presented by Governor Migz Dominguez to the East West Seed Company during the last day of the 7th National Vegetable Congress held  at the Family Country Convention Center,  General Santos City.


“Making dreams come true!”

UTANON sa KAUGMAON (Vegetables for the Future scholarship project) Four agriculture students at the Visayas State University in Baybay, Leyte, are earning some money while they are studying. They are growing high value vegetables developed by East West Seed Company while they pursue their studies. The students are given free seeds to plant in a parcel of land provided by VSU. They are growing today Galactica Ampalaya, Morena eggplant, Emperor Sweet Pepper, Big C cucumber,Smooth Green  okra, DMax tomato, Mariposa sitao and SW 18 watermelon. They sell their harvest to the local market and the proceeds are theirs to share equally. Photo shows in sitting position are the  vegetable student scholars, from right Jonathan Requiso, Rodel Morales, Noel Gantala, Andy Cornell Bornillo. Joining them are East West Seed project team members Gerry Vinculado, Joe Villamor and Ric Reyes. Also in photo is Dr. Elizabeth Briones (middle standing) VSU professor and coordinator of the project and Zac Sarian, Agriculture editor, Manila Bulletin.  In the next school year , a new batch of students interested to earn while learning will take over. The program is a continuing project of East West Seed Company and the Visayas State University.

  East West Seed Company and the Visayas State University (VSU)  initiated a special project dubbed “UTANON SA KAUGMAON” (Vegetables for the Future)  to help students earn money for their tuition and other school expenses. Four senior agriculture students at the Visayas State University in Baybay, Leyte, were provided seeds and inputs  and were trained by East West specialists on growing high-value vegetables on 3,000 square meters allocated by the university.

  The students Jonathan Requiso, Rodel Morales of Ormoc City, Noel Gantala of San Francisco, Southern Leyte (all horticulture majors) and Andy Cornell Bornillo, an agronomy major, were very eager to learn and apply the modern technologies of vegetable production using high yielding hybrid seeds.  Gerry Vinculado, Ed Noval and Joe Villamor of East West Seed Company closely supervise and provides technical assistance to the students. Dr. Elizabeth D. Briones of the Department of Horticulture, VSU serves as the project coordinator. She also assist the students find markets for their produce and help  manage their income and expenses.

  The four work as a team so that when one is not busy with his academic work, he attends to the vegetable garden. They themselves prepare the plots for planting. They germinate the seedlings, transplant them and take good care of them so that they will produce a reasonable harvest.

  Their standing crops include 560 hills of Smooth green okra which have given them so far 40 kilos sold at P25 per kilo. The crop is still productive and they expect to harvest more from the same. The first harvest from their 150 sweet pepper plants will be made soon. An earlier planting of 150 plants had yielded 23 kilos which they sold for a total of P1,955.

  The 460 hills of Big C cucumber that they planted last May yielded 395 kilos which grossed them P7,330. They have also a planting of the Pipinito cucumber which is just beginning to produce fruits.

  They are also expecting to have a good income from the 127 Morena eggplant seedlings that they planted last June 12. They just harvested the first 10 kilos last July 27 which they sold at P30 per kilo.

  As of today, the students reported a gross income of Ps34, 761.75. Total expenses was estimated at Ps8160.60 generating a net income of Ps26601.75.

  The students are very thankful to East West and to VSU for giving them the opportunity to continue their studies through the “Utanon sa Kaugmaon” project.  They now have a clear sense of direction and their future is brighter! They attest that the skills they acquired in vegetable production could start them in their own agribusiness after graduation.